How it Works

Joining as a Team

We encourage everyone to join an EY team (of up to eight) and ‘step’ together virtually or in person. If you don’t have a team, email and we will help you find a team.

  • How do I create a team?
    • When you register you can opt to create a team. Simply follow the prompts.

  • How do I get colleagues to join my team?
    • Once you've signed up and created your team, simply share your team page link or you can ask them to register by joining a team and searching for your team’s name.

  • How do I join a team?
    • You need to be an EY Australia employee to join this event.

      Go to or go to and click on Register. Register as a team.

      Or, after you have registered log in and ‘Edit page’, click Settings and Options then under Type of Fundraising Page select Join Team. Search for your team and click Join.

      Once you make all the changes you need to, scroll down the pop up and click Save to update the page. Your page now indicates that you are part of a Team.

  • I don’t have a team – can I be allocated to one?
    • Yes! We don’t want anyone to be without a team. Simply email and we will find a team for you. You can of course participate as an individual if you prefer.

Team Captains

  • How do I communicate with my team?
    • It's easy to support your teammates by sending messages of encouragement through your team dashboard.

      To email your team members and encourage them to fundraise follow these steps:

      1. Login to
      2. Click on My Fundraising Pages
      3. Click on Manage this page of your Team Fundraising page
      4. Click on the tab "Team Management"
      5. Enter your email in the box provided and click send.

      PLEASE NOTE: emails to your team members will be sent from your registered email address with Step It Up.

      Teams Captains will also be invited to join an EY champions network where ideas will be exchanged, and you will be given all you need to support your team.

  • What strategies can I use to get my team moving (and fundraising)?
    • Some really easy ways to get your team members engaged are:

      • Encouraging them to donate to themselves (and each other)
      • Getting them to share their profiles to social media to ask for support
      • Organising meetups to complete your activity together or to share experiences
      • Celebrate their success when they get a new donation

If you still don’t have the answers you need and would like to be in touch, email regarding this site or regarding the campaign.