About Step It Up

Step It Up is a month-long step challenge to raise money for EY Australia’s national focus charities – ReachOut, Bush Heritage Australia and The Smith Family. The money raised will be split equally across these three charities.

For donations made through workplace giving, every dollar will be matched by EY up to a total of $30,000. To help entice your family and friends to support you, credit card donations will be also be matched up to a total of $30,000.

For 2022 our aim is to beat our 2021 fundraising challenge total of nearly $60,000 including EY matching.

Together, we can make a collective impact on the communities and environments these charities support.

Why Step It Up

Using a step challenge encourages and incorporates a wellbeing and teaming aspect for EY people, reminding us to move throughout the day.

But we are not just asking you to step. We want you to step with purpose, to Step It Up for our focus charities! When setting personal step goals, we encourage you to align these to your fundraising goals. The more you challenge yourself to step, the more your networks may be prepared to donate. The more that your networks donate, the greater the impact you will have.

How your fundraising will make a difference


  • $1,311 will provide after-hours moderation in ReachOut's Community for 3 nights
  • $255 will ensure ReachOut can respond to a young person in crisis
  • $102 will provide a moderator to keep the ReachOut Online Community safe for 26 young people
  • $48 will provide access to ReachOut for 12 young people

Bush Heritage Australia

  • $1,000 or more could help Bush Heritage to purchase land to create new reserves to protect native flora and fauna from threats such as land clearing, introduced species and inappropriate fire regimes
  • $386 could go towards restoring 63 trees, offsetting an equivalent of 5.76 tonnes of carbon emissions (the average carbon emissions per Australian person per year)
  • $89 means Bush Heritage can continue to work alongside Aboriginal partners to support Right-way fire practices that prevent damaging large-scale fires and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • $55 could go towards the purchase of high-tech drones and essential survey equipment to help monitor bird populations, like the critically endangered Plains Wanderer

The Smith Family

  • $420 can provide a student experiencing disadvantage with learning support and resources for an entire year to help them catch up with their learning and stay engaged with their education
  • $220 can provide a young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student with access to tailored learning support to help them catch up, keep up and succeed at school
  • $110 can help a student in need take part in the Future Seekers program, to encourage, inspire and guide them towards their dream career after completing Year 12
  • $20 can provide families living with disadvantage with a Literacy Support Pack so they can help their preschool-aged child start to learn to read

Imagine then if we were to collectively raise $60,000 (including EY matching).

This would help 78 young people in crisis through ReachOut.com, help purchase 364 high-tech drones and essential survey equipment to help monitor bird populations and provide 48 disadvantaged children with access to a full year of learning support and resources.

Step It Up in three simple steps

Step 1 – Sign up as an individual, create a team or join an existing team.

We encourage you to join as an EY team (of up to eight) and walk together (virtually or in person) to raise funds for our EY focus charities.
If you don’t have a team, email oceania.cr@au.ey.com and we will help you find a team.

Sign up Now

Step 2 - Start fundraising

During Step It Up, front of mind is the way we can collectively make a difference to the beneficiaries of our three focus charities. Whilst challenging ourselves to be a better version of ourselves through walking, we ask that you challenge yourselves with bold fundraising goals.
To set a goal, visit your page link, login to Edit (if you have not already), click the 'Edit' icon near the target and enter a new target. Click outside of the box to save your changes. Your target has now been updated.

Step 3 - Start stepping and get your family and friends to support your fundraising effort.

Share your page on social media and start fundraising amongst your networks.
Click here for instructions.